Everything you need to know about Car Detailing

In the world we live in, there is always an aura of mystery around car detailing which is also known as auto detailing. Many people are confused and are at loss of what it means and if it is the same thing with car washing. Here is everything you need to know about car detailing.

Car Detailing Explained

Car detailing refers to the complete cleaning of your car in ways and methods which car washing cannot do. This would mean that your car would be cleaned by tools that are specialized to carry out the sole function of making your car look clean again. Other things which a car detailer would most likely do include touch-ups in the cosmetic areas. This, however, does not translate to a full-blown paintwork. Car detailing usually involve two broad categories; the exterior detailing which would involve the washing the car thoroughly first before using special tools to clean the car. There is also the interior detailing which would involve the cleaning of the upholstery and so many other parts of the car

By the time the car detailer is done, your car would have been cleaned and reconditioned, both in the exterior areas and the interior. The main focus of car detailing is to ensure that the paint work which has been done early is not destroyed by scratches or marks which are a regular thing on cars. By the time you drive off from a car detailer, your car would be looking as good as it was when you first got it.

The Difference between Car Detailing and a Car Wash

There are differences between car detailing and a car wash as you might have already realized. A car wash is mainly focused on dirt removal on the exterior area of your car. Some car washes would also clean inside the car to ensure that all dirt is removed, but with car detailing, it is simply a different ball game. Car detailing is more interested in making every single imperfection which has been done on the car perfect again. They are interested in making the car look sparkling and devoid of dirt, scratches and so much more.

Another thing that would be different between a car detailing and a car wash would be the price for each service. You are more likely to get a cheaper price for a car wash and a slightly more expensive price for car detailing. This is due to the many processes which it is sure to cover. Also the time which is used for each process is different. While most car washes would take on an average 15 to 30 minutes to complete, car detailing is sure to take even longer than that due to the amount of work that is to be done.

Car detailing is a good venture since it feels your car sparkling. It would make you feel like you have gotten a new car all over again.